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Custom Order FAQ

What is the difference between custom & pre-designed?

-- Pre-Designed cakes mean just that, they have already been designed. These are cakes that were designed by our decorator and chef. They are fun popular themes. They cannot be customized but are offered in different themes/color pallets.

-- Custom cakes are for someone who wants to create their own design. If you don’t see what you want under pre-designed you can just click the “BACK” button on the form and then choose “CUSTOM”. This option allows you to upload your own design/image of what you are looking for. Then you and the chef get to design your cake together. These cakes are often are a higher price due to the amount of time it takes to design and create these works of art. We can accommodate your wildest dreams in the form of cake.


What makes a "custom" cake so special?
A custom cake is any type of cake that goes above and beyond standard attention to detail & design. Tiered cakes and wedding cakes are also considered custom.

How much do cakes cost?
All of our cakes are priced on an individual basis, so we will work with you to figure out exactly what will work for your guest count and budget. Generally, the cost of a custom cake starts with the size, cake flavor, and design. From there, labor hours are factored in as well. The pricing below is the STARTING price for anything pre-ordered.

Why aren’t all cakes the base price?
The base pricing on our website lets you know how many servings you will get for each size, and the pricing for BASIC cake designs (frosting with minimal decoration). Once we add hours of work to a cake, the price will reflect this. Pricing for specialty & custom cakes is linked to time. If you let us know your budget upfront, we can let you know what is or isn't possible.

Why is there a certain time frame for placing a custom order?
Custom cakes/orders take time, and unfortunately there's only so much of that to go around! We ask for a MINIMUM of 3 WEEKS notice for a basic or specialty cake & 4-5 WEEKS for custom cake or wedding. Anything less than the minimum notice may only be accepted depending on the level of customization you're looking for & availability.

It generally takes us about a week to get through all emails and give you a response. There can be a couple days or even a week of correspondence after that to assure we have all the details correct. Around 2 weeks before your pickup date we send out an invoice. All invoices must be paid for MINIMALLY, 7 days before your event date. The first day of the week invoices are checked to confirm pay status. If the invoice has been paid, your cake order will be put into the production schedule for the week.

Failure to plan on your part, does not constitute an emergency on our part! If we are already booked up for a weekend, we will let you know. We often can, and do,  accommodate last minute requests, but it cannot be guaranteed, especially during wedding season (April-October) or on holiday weeks.

Do I need to place a deposit for my order?
When we accept your custom cake order, there is a lot that goes into making sure your order gets completed on time. From ordering materials, to hand-making pieces, and even turning down other orders to ensure your order is completed to the highest standard. If a deposit is required, we will let you know. A deposit will let us know you're serious about placing your order, and allow us to get the ball rolling to completing your order. Weddings require a “save the date” deposit if you are serious about keeping a spot open for you. Otherwise, we will take other cakes who are willing to pay a deposit over yours. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, because the deposit will reserve your event date, labor hours, and pre-ordered items. Some items we are not able to return. Deposits are determined on a per case basis. 



What is a Specialty Design Fee?

This is a mandatory fee charged to custom, specialty, and wedding cakes/orders. It is a way to help us pay our decorators more money. This helps pay for the skill and attention to detail required to make your order. We don’t make exceptions on this. If you do not care to pay for this we can offer grab & go and basic cakes. 100% of this fee is paid directly to the person who tops your cake.

Can I taste cakes before ordering?
Cake consultations and tastings are available for weddings & events. We typically book cake tastings Wednesday-Saturday. Also, the cupcakes in our shop are the same cake recipes we use for our cakes, and they are available for purchase every day.


What does a tasting entail?
Cake tastings include 3 cakes, 3 icings, and 3 fillings. They are prepared separately. We do it this way so that you can taste each cake with each frosting & filling. Until we are moved into our Bistro space, tastings are just grab & go samples. You will be provided with a pricing page upon pick up. Tastings are $15 to cover the cost of labor & ingredients. This $15 can be credited towards your order if you choose to purchase from us.

I picked up my cake, how do I store it?

Pre-ordered cakes are normal partially frozen at pick up. We store them in the fridge until they are picked up. If you are eating this with in 24-48 hours it can be stored in the fridge. It should be thawed on the counter for a MINIMUM of 4 hours. Tiered cakes or sheet cakes may take upward of 6 hours on the counter. If you are not going to eat this for longer than 48 hours, you should freeze it. Then follow the steps above once you are closer to that time frame. CUSTOM cakes with figurines, fondant, or heavy amounts of food coloring should not be frozen. We cannot guarantee this cake will maintain its quality if you do this. Food coloring will severely bleed, and fondant will be very sticky/wet. Cakes like this should be arranged to be picked up no earlier than 48 hours before consuming. If you eat COLD cake it will be DRY. Please follow the instructions provided.


When transporting a cake place it on a flat surface. NOT on a lap, NOT in a trunk. Always carry the box from the EDGES not the bottom.


Why do you freeze cake?

We do not use preservative in anything we make unless it is natural from fruit. Because of this, freezing cakes helps them maintain their moisture. If you leave a cake in the fridge for too long it may dry out. Fridges have cold blowing fans that will blow on your cake all day. They should only be refrigerated up to 48 hours before consuming to help it slowly thaw. Then placing it on the counter will allow it to full thaw and soften.


How do I know what size to order?

When ordering a cake, see the serving size next to the cake size. I always suggest buying over the amount you need.


Do you deliver?
Yes! We strongly encourage large cakes be delivered to your event location to ensure there's no issues with transportation. We figure out the delivery cost for you once you provide your location and time. Delivery base rate is $50 that covers a 12 mile radius from our main facility. It increases from there based on milage.

We do NOT deliver to other store fronts.
Deliveries are available, based on availability, for orders over $200. 
We may in rare situations offer delivery for an order of less than $200. This can only happen if we have open availability to deliver. If you want to pick a cake up yourself that is larger than 38 servings, we have you sign a release slip which states that you assume all responsibility for your cake once it leaves our bakery. We cannot be responsible for cakes once they leave our bakery, as we do offer a delivery service which guarantees a perfect cake to arrive at its location.

I sent an email and haven’t heard back in a while?
NOTE: we DO NOT respond to emails Thursday-Sunday. We are a small bakery with a limited number of bakers and one-two cake decorators, towards the weekend it is next to impossible to get to emails on top of the custom cake orders we accommodate.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE EMAILS. It will not prompt a quicker response, only cause confusion. Emails are answered in the order they are received. If you are VERY worried we didn’t get your email, please call in and request to leave a note for the Chef.
​We try to focus all of our attention to all custom orders, so just remember, when it takes a longer amount of time to hear back on the weekend, we are dedicating ourselves to our work, just like we will when we are making your order!

Email response days are Monday-Wednesday. This is the window in which you will hear a response.


I placed an order and haven’t received a response at all.

You should receive a bounce back email when you submit your form. Please check if you received this before calling in. If you haven’t, most likely your form did not submit, please re-submit.

Other scenarios where you may not hear back:

  •  You did not place enough notice and we were not able to fulfill this order.

  • We are very busy and may be very behind on emailing. This happens in our busy seasons and around holidays.

  • Even though you placed enough notice, dozens of other customers did as well and our schedule is booked. Often times we try our best to get back to you if this is the case. To give you time to find another bakery.


I feel like my order is not being prioritized.

Your order is always being prioritized, as well as everyone else’s. We don’t give special privilege to one person over the next. A wedding cake is just as important as a one year old’s smash cake. We respond to everyone as quickly as we can.


I was told my order cannot be fulfilled; how do I get something allergen free? Because going to another bakery is not an option for me.

Don’t panic! We always have last minute grab & go cakes in stock at all of our stores. We also offer cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and donuts in our stores. These are available ALL the time. We will NOT leave you empty handed.

Check out these links to our grab & go designs and local pick-up menu.





BASE cake pricing

Baby Cake (serves 4) $42

6” (serves 10-12) $75

8” (serves 22-24) $108

9” (serves 30-32) $130

For more pricing and sizing, please fill out our cake inquiry form. Pricing varies based on design.

Ready to order now? Click the link below, lets get started!

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