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Why HaleLife?

Owner, Laura McCutcheon & her son, Taylor

HaleLife Bakery was specifically created for those living with food restrictions - whether it be due to a food allergy/intolerance, auto immune disease, life threatening illness, you just feel better eliminating certain foods from your diet or because of ethical/personal reasons.

Our sole mission is to be an oasis and haven of delicious food that allows for you to safely enjoy things you thought you'd have to give up forever.  We focus on safe ingredients first and then phenomenal taste and texture.

Five reasons to try HaleLife:

  • Our entire staff lives with food restrictions or has a loved one with food restrictions.

  • Every ingredient is vetted down to the manufacturer for cross contamination.  We pride ourselves on transparency - ask us anything, we love helping our customers find products that are truly safe to eat.

  • Our owner & her son both have Celiac Disease and many additional food allergies.

  • We have over 1,000 five star reviews - won three awards and have been named one of the "Best Specialty Bakeries in the US".

  • Zero reported reactions to any of the allergens we state we are free from since opening over four years ago.



2,000+ Five Star Reviews

Message from the Owner
Thank you so much for considering our bakery as a place to provide you and your loved ones with safe and delicious baked goods.  As someone who has Celiac Disease and food allergies along with my son, I truly understand how big of a deal it is to put your trust in someone else to provide you something safe to eat.  We do not take your trust for granted and make it our mission to provide you safe amazing products that you thought you would never be able to enjoy again.   
- Laura McCutcheon, Owner/Founder
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